Our Promise:

Our business tenet is: customers' demand is always never unreasonable, always consider the customers heart and soul, meet the customers' requirements to the maximum extent.

“Product quality first” is the company's tenet. To produce the satisfactory products, the principles are always strictly observed as follows: Every phase and tache's quality activity, including products developing, stock, producing, inspecting, marketing, using till market researching etc. is close connected, which forms a rigorous and harmony unity that could guarantee products quality. The company sets up an independent quality guarantee department, which is directly led by general manager.

Quality guarantee department:

It implements three-class monitoring, including company class, department class and every post class.

Its main task:

1.Organize, coordinate, inspect and supervise and urge every quality management activity,

2.Constitute every people's responsibility, task and jurisdiction during guaranteeing and improving products quality, including general manager, chief-engineer, assistant general manager, department manager, quality management personnel and production personnel etc. so that the goal could be achieved: quality work has people to manage, every people has his specific duty, every thing has criteria etc.

3. Assist general manager to complete routine quality management work.

4.Expand national quality propaganda activity.

5.Organize the mass quality activity.

6.Organize people to institute quality plans.

7.Surpervise and inspect plan-executing information.

8.Formulate cost-reducing goals and scheme.

9.Examine and harmonize every quality management group's activity of the relating department.

10.Visit customers.

11.Feed quality information back.

12.Research the products' effect.

13.Evaluate the products and enterprise's quality management activity.

14.Appraise the new products.

Quality guarantee system can organize every relating department and every tache's quality management work, effectively exert every side's strength, assure that the quality guarantee system operate harmonically and effectively.